Michael R. Newman, Director

Michael R. Newman, Director

About us

Michael R. Newman majored in Spanish and French (BS in Secondary Education from Louisiana State University and MA in Romance Languages, University of Arizona). Prior to becoming Executive Director of CCR in 1987, he worked as a tutor, free lance translator, supervisor in international banking, high school teacher, and technical writer. He has also worked as a motivational speaker, and did a brief stint as a late night radio talk show host! 

Although not a licensed professional counselor, he is licensed, ordained pastor with years of experience in discipleship training and one one one mentoring related to sexual and relational brokenness.  His experience with media in Spanish and English includes newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and internet videos on the local, national, and international level. His testimony is on Pure Passion, as well as being included in the Pure Passion documentary "Such Were Some of You."

Michael has a powerful testimony of how God restored him in his understanding of his true heterosexual identity according to God's intent and design.  He challenges all men in assuming their roles as godly men, challenges the family to be proactive in their parenting , and proclaims the goodness of God's design for the sexuality.  He also ministers the Father Heart of God in mentoring men worldwide.

Christian Coalition for Reconciliation was birthed with a vision to offer ministry to those dealing with unwanted same sex attraction.  Because of God's work in this area, Michael collaborated with others to establish Christian Coalition for Reconciliation in Houston, Texas in 1985.  The name was carefully chosen. Reconciliation was a key concept taken from II Corinthians 5:20.  New life in relationship with Christ is the intent of using Christian as part of the name.  Coalition connotes many services: education, support, and discipling related to homosexuality

Michael soon found like minded individuals in the Exodus International network. CCR became a member ministry in 1987.  Michael served as Exodus Regional Representative for Texas 1996-2005.  CCR developed support groups for same sex attraction males and family members, as well as offering the Living Waters discipleship program, various seminars and conferences, and individual mentoring.

Conversant in Spanish and French, Michael saw God open doors to ministry in France and Quebec/Canada in the 90s, as well as in Mexico in conferences and trainings. Since 2004 Michael has actively collaborated yearly in ministry related to all aspects of sexual brokenness in the Spanish speaking world: Spain, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia. This also includes ongoing mentoring in the cyber world of social media.

Michael is available for ministry in Houston and wherever God opens doors. He would love to minister in your group, church. You can contact Michael at 281-507-9019 or ccrhoutx@att.net.