Colombia Report September 2016

Colombia is a country about twice the size of Texas, with a population of about 50 million.  Bogota has sometimes been called the Athens of Latin America, as it has some of the brightest and the best in this mega city of about 8 million.  High incidence of sexual abuse, and average salary would be about $400 a month.  Under a new more government there was recently a move by a Lesbian Minister of Education to promote more LGBT acceptance.  Huge numbers of Christians in most major cities were out in the streets in protest, and there are ongoing prayer vigils and intercession for the well-being of the traditional family values in this country.

I contacted, Mario Mendoza, my hotel driver from last year to pick me up at the bustling Bogota airport for my evening arrival on September 1.  He has changed hotels, but was very glad to be my transport back and forth to the airport during my visit.  This he really opened up in sharing as he is a Christian, so it was wonderful to deepen our friendship.  He even mentioned me to his pastor, who I hope to meet in my next visit. I was able to have dinner with some of the leaders of Romanos 6 before I left for Medellin training that weekend.  It turns out that Alvaro, the founder, was back for a visit from Brazil where he now resides.  There was great fellowship.

This was my third trip in participating in the Abba Padre training in association with Mauricio Montion of Ministerio Restauración in Argentina.  They had lots of interest and had to cap the attendance at 50, with a ministry team of 21, 13 of whom I knew from previous trainings.  I met Omar Cano in 2000 in his second year of ministry with Abba Padre.  He and his Medellin team with Diego, Carmen, Olguita, Moli, and Consuelo are all very dedicated volunteers with a real passion for this healing ministry.  My small group assistant, Jose and his wife had been participants in September 2015.  God has done major healing from adultery in his marriage.

There were participants from Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, Sincalejo,  Monteria, Bucuramanga, Neiva, and the country of Panama!  Many pastors came, and brought member of their flock with them.  Quite a few different churches were represented.   Pastora Nidian on our team was just elected President of the Charismatic Foursquare Church for Colombia, so that will be a great inroad.  There were also a good number of younger people at the training, as well.

This was the first year I shared my testimony about the mother wound in Colombia.  Many men and women shared with me that it was very meaningful to them and helped them in their healing process.

There were four men in my small group, age range 28- 56, including two pastors.  The first day I offered that I sensed someone was really struggling with disappointment and betrayal in a very important relationship.  One of my men was so amazed as he recognized himself in my description and God did a marvelous work of healing in his life.  God did some wonderful work in the lives of all of these men during the week. On the last day, two of them offered that they saw a great Father Heart anointing in my life that had really ministered to them.  One was young man who had lost his father at age 3, and the other had struggled with a very distant relationship with his father.  I am continuing in informal mentoring with both of them via ‘Whatsapp.

Spiritual attacks!  Somehow I was infected with scabies (we had a doctor on our team) and dear friend Mireya from Venezuela had severe illness attacks during the week.  The enemy did not like what God was accomplishing!

This was the first year I spent the entire weekend in Medellin after the conference.  Wilmar Torres, from my small group in 2013, insisted on having me stay with him in his apartment Confined to a wheelchair because of street shoot out five years ago, he is very active and full of love for Jesus.  You would be amazed to see us wheeling around crowded downtown Medellin in crowds there.  He was such a wonderful, attentive host. Friend Diego from last year met up with us at the Book Fair so I could pray for him and his fiancé!  The last night I had pizza with Omar and gang.

My friend and taxi driver Mario Mendoza met me on my return to Bogota.  In the few days there I was able to celebrate birthday luncheon for Alma with pastor friends.  I also met up with some of the Romanos 6 leadership team to share and bless them with prayer!

God is doing great things in Colombia!  I am so glad to be a part!