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Youth are constantly bombarded with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues.  Parents despair about teen suicides, homophobia, and hate crimes. CCR deals with the various areas of sexual brokeness including gender confusion and same sex attraction (ssa) within a Bibical construct and understanding of reparative therapy of homosexuals. 

Michael R. Newman , a licensed and ordained Southern Baptist minister, is the director of Christian Coalition for Reconciliation, an educational, support, and discipling ministry for those struggling with homosexuality, as well as those affected by it. Having experienced God's transforming power in this area in his own life, he helped establish CCR in Houston, Texas in 1985. CCR was a member ministry of  Exodus International in 1987-2012 with Michael serving ten years as the first Exodus Regional Representative for Texas. Currently CCR is affiliated with RESTORED HOPE NETWORK, in which Michael was one of the founding members.  He now serves on the Advisory Council for RHN, as well as serving n the board of Exodus Global Alliance USA. Drawing from his own experiences of personal healing, Michael has counseled with hundreds of men, women, and families in his years of ministry.

He was elected one of the Outstanding Young Men of America in 1988 and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. With a background in education (BS- Secondary Education) he has also been very involved in discipleship groups, testimonies, speaking engagements, and seminars locally, regionally, and nationally. His media exposure has included newspaper, magazines, radio, and television.

Conversant in Spanish and French ( MA- Romance Languages), he has also ministered in England, France, Canada, French speaking Québec, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. Pastor Newman is not ashamed of the power of the gospel, and freely shares examples of God's grace and goodness in his own life. He also speaks powerfully on God's plan and design for sexuality. His challenge to his audiences is one of a deeper walk of obedience in commitment of all aspects of their lives to Jesus Christ.